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5 Simple Steps to the Perfect Kitchen Remodel

5 Simple Steps to the Perfect Kitchen Remodel Kitchen is the center of many family lives. This is where friends and family gather together, share precious moments, create new memories, food is made, new recipes are created. So it is not surprising that a lot of people want to create the kitchen of their dreams. […]

How to Select Colors for Kitchen

How to select colors for kitchen Kitchen decor should definitely be coordinated with the adjacent area, or at least have a nice flow from one style to another. A lot of people are not sure how to select colors for kitchen. What should be done to select the right colors for kitchen? Coordination of a […]

Marble Orlando, Marble countertops

Marble Countertops in Orlando

Marble Countertops in Orlando Marble Countertop Installation in Orlando Marble Countertop Installation in Orlando If you are looking for marble countertops? Stone Spirit Inc will provide you the best prices on quality countertops just because we have a direct marble countertop company in your area. We will always help you with all your kitchen and […]

Choose Granite Countertops Colors, Orlando

Choose granite countertops colors, Orlando Choose granite countertops color Orlando Florida Choose granite countertops color Orlando Florida Sometimes it is very hard to choose the right color of granite countertops, but it is a very important decision. Granite countertops have become a popular choice in many homes. In Stone Spirit, Orlando, Florida, we have specialists […]

Which Kitchen Is Right for You

Which kitchen is right for you Nowadays, most people would agree that kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in our homes today. Quite often, kitchen is the room that shows the era in which the house was built. But at the same time, kitchen reveals much more than just its era. It represents […]

Kitchen Upgrades Ideas

Kitchen Upgrades Ideas There are endless possibilities when it comes to kitchen upgrades. A full-scale kitchen upgrade can be an expensive project, but at the same time there are some minor changes that can be done to upgrade the kitchen, and the look will be changed dramatically. Sometimes even changing one or two things can […]

How to Upgrade Countertops in Orlando?

How to Upgrade Countertops in Orlando? How to Upgrade Countertops in Orlando? If you’ve been eyeing your countertop condition for a while and asking yourself “How to upgrade countertops in Orlando”? chances are even you also realize how badly they need an upgrade. Often people decide that installing a new countertop can be a one-person […]

Remodeling Kitchen Is No Small Task

Remodeling kitchen is no small task Who doesn’t love a nice, comfortable, cozy atmosphere in the kitchen and being surrounded by family and friends with tasty food and drinks? While many of us have only dreamed about perfect kitchen for cooking and entertaining, now there is a way to make this dream reality. And even […]

Countertop Designs

Countertop Designs One of the major parts of a well designed kitchen is the right countertop designs. It is important to coordinate the work area in the traffic area in the kitchen, and sometimes it is one of the biggest challenges of a well-designed kitchen. Here are some important factors to consider in a well-coordinated […]

Incorporating Stone for Kitchen

If we look at all materials for countertops, stone is the grandmother for all of them. Stone is one of the oldest materials that exists, hundreds of millions of years old for granite. A lot of people love to have stone for kitchen because of its solidity, wide range of colors, shapes, tones, and toughness. […]

Why Stone Spirit Stands Out?

Why Stone Spirit Stands Out? Why Stone Spirit Stands Out? Why Stone Spirit Stands Out? Your home or business should reflect your lifestyle and taste. Natural stone countertops are becoming more and more popular to express artistic elegance. If you are thinking about remodeling your home or business, countertops should definitely be on your shopping […]

Kitchen Countertops Planning

Kitchen countertops planning Planning ahead is the best way to ensure that your kitchen will provide the best space for specific tasks. There are different areas in the kitchen that will best suite for cooking, eating and entertaining guests. Kitchen countertops planning is extremely important for the right layout of the kitchen. There are general […]

Kitchen Countertops and Sinks

kitchen countertops and sinks There are various materials for kitchen countertops and sinks‏. But it is important to match correctly kitchen countertops and sinks. Most of the time, kitchen countertops are done from a different material than kitchen sinks. But at the same time, kitchen countertops and sinks can be of the same material. Usually […]

Questions & Answers About Granite Countertops

Questions & Answers about Granite Countertops Questions & Answers about Granite Countertops Q.Does Stone Spirit in Orlando Florida do remodel jobs or new construction? A. Stone Spirit custom fabricates, installs countertops for new construction and remodel projects.  We service central Florida areas – Orlando, Winter Park, Winter Springs, Altamonte Springs, Windermere, Winter Garden, and many […]

Kitchen Countertops and Appliances

Kitchen countertops and appliances Locating and placing kitchen countertops and appliances is extremely important in the kitchen. It is going to affect their work and flow functioning in the kitchen. Here are some ideas and possibilities of how to position kitchen countertops and appliances in the most efficient way Kitchen countertops and appliances against the […]

Kitchen Countertops and Oven

Kitchen countertops and oven When it comes to kitchen countertops and oven, a lot depends on the layout of the kitchen. Sometimes all of them can be against the wall, or sometimes in the corner, and some houses have it in the center of the kitchen. Here are some options for kitchen countertops and oven […]